Best Kayak Accessories

Best Kayak Accessories for Active, Safe and Enjoyable Holidays 

Taking up a new kind of sport can be an expensive business. Looking for equipment, comparing quality, expanding your knowledge about the odds and ends you need, searching for better prices… Many beginners are longing to know how exactly you choose the right stuff for sport. Especially kayaking.

When it comes to the sports kit, this is the sphere where you need to separate the essential accessories and total ‘must-haves’ from the non-essentials you may never consider buying. Here you will have everything cleared up about kayaking gear; choose the best traveling with us!

What Do I Definitely Need for Kayaking and Where to Buy the Best Kayak Gear?

Generally, the best kayak accessories include kayaks, bilge pumps, bags and jackets of waterproof textiles, headlamps or long-lasting flashlights, GPS, etc. However, it all depends upon the type of the sport – for instance, for whitewater and surf kayaking you will definitely need a helmet. The great brand to consider is Scotty – the world-famous best kayak gear manufacturer, specializing mainly in rod holders. By the way, it offers good stabilizer systems, which you may find super useful for long open-air trips.

Another famous trademark for kayaking holidays is Pelican Sport – they are the world leaders in producing the best kayak equipment such as kayaks, canoes, pedal and fishing boats.

The first of all the equipment you buy should be a kayak itself. Brands like Ascend are always available and will help you out with this task!

A Guide to Choose The Best Kayak Equipment for Beginners

Whether you’re a fan of kayaking in the open ocean, sea, on calm lakes or down rivers, this kind of sport requires reliable gear. Those of you who are new to it may ask a thousand questions concerning what is essential for purchasing. That is why we have created a small list of the best kayak accessories for freshmen. Shop for the basic items here and make a reliable dashboard of kayaking accessories! 

  1. Dry waterproof bags

Carrying supplies, smartphones, other personal items isn’t a piece of cake when you’re traveling on water. Among the best kayak gear, a bag is a big must.

  1. A smart canoe or kayak carrier

Kayaks are heavy, so extra transportation help will never be out-of-place. Take one in the car trunk and you’ll be able to reach the most far-fetched beaches or lakes with backrest instead of back pain.

  1. Paddles

Next to the kayak, good paddles make at least half of your successful kayaking trip. They should correspond the height and width of your boat, be light to hold, with the right blade form to increase your onwater performance. Here you can pick from a variety of lengths and shop for the best kayak equipment online.

  1. Proper clothing

Many kayaks, including sit on top ones, require specialized outfits. Usually, kayakers buy wetsuits or drysuits, watersports footwear or wellingtons. Choose clothes depending on weather conditions and tides; the ideal option is to have 2 suits (or change parts of them) – one shorties if hot and a longie if cold.

Other best kayak accessories, such as fishing rods, a cup holder or attachments like additional seats, are up to you.We hope this page was of great use both to first time buyers and to the seasoned kayakers who want to make some upgrades in their equipment.